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3 Ways To Create a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

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How many of you reading this currently have a dog or cat somewhere close by in the house? They may even be on your lap demanding attention as you scroll through your phone or tablet. Homes are not built with family pets in mind. While the families and pets adapt to their surroundings wouldn’t it be awesome to be pet-friendly? With a kitchen remodel you have the opportunity to do just that! Whether it’s the flooring or a new feeding spot there’s a lot of ways to make your kitchen pet-friendly! Here are some of the easiest ways to incorporate your four-legged family members into the design.

  • The Right Flooring: The flooring is going to be the most important thing to consider with a pet-friendly kitchen. Who doesn’t love seeing a pup do a little happy dance when they’re getting their food. Unfortunately, that little dance can leave some scratches on different flooring. Even walking around normally the nails of cats and dogs alike can leave tiny marks. For the kitchen, it’s recommended to have ceramic tile or laminate floors that not only resist nails but can clean up easily after messy eaters and drinkers.
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  • A Feeding Station: Have you ever tripped over the food or water bowl? It’s in the same spot every day, but you still manage to bump it. Creating a feeding station will help with two things: it gets it out of the walking path so people and animals can’t bump into it. It also becomes the designated spot for your pet so they know where they go each meal and where the water is no matter what.
    • Bonus Tip: Depending on where you put the feeding station whether it’s at the end of an island or counter, you can have a small faucet installed above the water dish. You’ll be able to fill the dish right there instead of walking the entire kitchen with a full water dish and an excited pet waiting for their water.
  • A Designated Spot For Pet Items: No matter how big your pet is or how many you have, chances are you stock up on the essentials like food and treats. Having those items out in the open can look awkward with the rest of the kitchen and give sneaky pets the opportunity to have a snack when you’re not looking. You can have a designated space in a pantry or island to house the food, treats, and other items. Some pet owners find having everything such as toys, leashes, etc. in one place is best while others prefer to separate food type items.
If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to be more pet-friendly contact us today!