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4 Reasons Why You Should Order Cabinet Samples

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One of the first rules of remodeling is never going into it with just a few images you found online. The colors and textures you envision may look great on paper, but seeing them could change the game. Product samples are available for different materials such as fabrics, flooring, countertops, rugs, and more. Even your countertops have examples that show off the gorgeous color, thickness, finish, and the design the final product will have. The countertops take up the majority of the kitchen, making them essential to the overall design. Whether you’re starting fresh with a full remodel or looking to update what you already have, the cabinets are the first thing to change. Here are a few ways cabinet samples can help the design.

  1. Visualize the Style: Seeing something in a catalog and being able to hold it makes a difference. You’ll be able to hold up the cabinet sample in your kitchen to see who it will blend in, how the light hits the color, how the design works in the room, and more.
  2. Lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in designing a room. Natural light will always be the best, but sometimes it’s not achievable. Depending on the bulbs used, the cabinets can look perfect, washed out, or somewhere in between. The sample gives you an idea of how the cabinet color will react with your current lighting. You can decide if you want to change the cabinet based on that or even update the bulbs you use.
  3. Affecting the Mood: Colors play a more significant role in your mood than you may realize. Warm colors will make the room cozier and more intimate, while cool colors can expand the space and be calmer. The cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen, which will dictate the mood of the room.
  4. The Perfect Blend: Your kitchen can be organized chaos or a flowing concept from one area to the next. No matter what your tastes are, you have to plan things out. Putting all of the samples and ideas together helps you see the bigger picture, as well as helps your designer understand what you’re envisioning. Between the two, you can guarantee your kitchen will look marvelous.
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