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Don’t Get Left Behind! Hop On Early Renovation Scheduling For Spring 2022

Are you thinking of renovating your home this year? While bidding wars are becoming a thing of the past, many who are hoping to renovate their kitchens and baths to sell or to enjoy may be hit with a bad case of regret if they wait to schedule their projects. Get ahead of the summer rush by booking early!

Why Book a Renovation in Spring?

By hopping on early renovation scheduling as we welcome spring later this month, you will be getting ahead of your to-do list for warmer weather and of every other person that is planning to renovate their kitchen this summer. Homeowners are not only booking more kitchen renovations for 2022, but they’re also splurging on certain specific features that will give them a better return on investment when and if they ever decide to sell.

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Some of these features in high demand include high-tech kitchen appliances with smart capabilities that can be controlled with your phone. From ovens to microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, and more – appliances are one of the turnkey upgrades everyone wants.

Certain materials are also in high demand, which could cause trouble for some contractors in the hight of renovation season this summer. Scheduling your renovation early at the beginning of spring (or sooner!) can guarantee you’ll get that kitchen island of your dreams or the white cabinets and backsplash you’ve been wishing for since you bought your home. A Houzz study noted that vinyl flooring in kitchens is making a comeback, nearly doubling in popularity since 2019 to 23 percent and overtaking ceramic and porcelain tile. That being said, wood and laminate flooring still maintain a chokehold on new kitchen flooring. Nine in ten homeowners also chose engineered quartz and granite for materials. High demand in low supply as the world continues to come out of the pandemic could cause supply shortages and high costs.

It’s time to prioritize your renovation now before prices increase and contractors fill up their schedules. Call the experts at Modern Kitchen & Bath and book your renovation early today!