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Update the Indoors!

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New year, New home

Welcome, 2022! This year, update your home with the experts at Modern Kitchens & Baths. Together we create the room of your dreams!

2022 Trends: Sleek Simplicity

A clean kitchen is a marvel to see in more than jut cleanliness. Modern kitchen trends from Europe are finally becoming popular in the US with modern, glass pane cabinets and backsplashes that are reflective in solid colors and reflect light for the illusion of a bigger, brighter kitchen. Adding to the sleek design includes new advancements in ‘touch to open’ systems for cabinets and hidden appliances for a flush appearance and clean lines and a simplistic look resembling modern art.

Visit the Portfolio

Ready to bring your kitchen & bath into the modern world but need some inspiration? Check out our online portfolio! See what amazing ideas our clients bring to us and the diverse styles we can offer to you.