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Discrete Renovations to Make Your Kitchen More Luxurious!

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A renovation doesn’t have to be a complete tearing-up of your kitchen, bathroom, or home! Sometimes the small details can make a design go a long way and add just the right amount of sleek modernity to your design. A beautiful finishing touch! Here are some tips of small, discrete renovation additions that are sure to lift your homes’ aesthetic.

Sleek Fridge Design
Make your kitchen more streamlined with this discrete design element often used in high-end kitchens of the rich and famous! Camouflaging your fridge with custom cabinetry also keeps your final look uniform and sleek
Waterfall-style Island
Countertops are largely focused on utility these days, but a simple design choice like the continuous waterfall countertop extension instantly adds an air of sophistication to any kitchen island or counter. Choose sleek countertop materials like quartz or marble for the ideal 'look'
A Specialty Sink
Farmhouse sinks with their single, exposed, and utilitarian basin have been the most popular sink style of the last few years, blending in well with modern kitchen styles as well as traditional and farmhouse style designs
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