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A Guide to Modern Style in Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels

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What exactly defines modern aesthetics? It’s not just steel, glass, and fancy appliances. Read on for tips on the core principles of the aesthetic, then call the design experts at Modern Kitchen & Baths for your modern oasis.


What’s your first impression of a modern interior? Most people imagine white, neutrals, black, and chrome. While a sleek white bathroom with floating shelves, sinks, and appliances looks clean and sharp, that doesn’t mean your design has to be without color or stick to monochrome.

Warm modern design opposes cold modern aesthetics and incorporates warm neutrals, wood, and stone features. Imagine the design of a modern sauna or a zen bathhouse. Everything has its place and there is no clutter – key elements to modern design – but it’s warm, inviting, and cozy.

Colorful modern bathroom

For rooms that need more excitement than sterile white lines provide, adding fun colors that pop by installing colorful lacquered cabinets is an easy solution for a lively space. Bright yellows with gray concrete surroundings are perfect for an urban environment.


Modern aesthetics are less about the tech and more about the materials used. Modern panels in both bathrooms and kitchens add the seamless looks and lines we discussed before with a high gloss, glassy look that reflects light and makes rooms look bigger and brighter, this is especially crucial for small bathrooms that don’t get a lot of light!

Popular sleek materials for accent walls, flooring, and countertops include quartz and marble, but with the right choice wood and stone tiling can be acceptable. Another popular material not everyone considers? Concrete. While incorporating less of the bright and airy futuristic modern style, concrete adds a darker, earthy look while also being very low maintenance.

modern kitchen lighting

Modern Lighting

Lighting is the crucial equalizer when it comes to modernity and the mood of your room. Bright and airy bathrooms with skylights and recessed lighting ensures you won’t need to spend so much on your energy bill while getting plenty of natural light. The same applies to a moody yellow light. Rewire your electric setup for dimmers and lamp-like fixtures for a personal spa in your home.

Independently of how you choose your lighting shade, placement is important. Remember that light fixtures don’t have to be obvious in modern and ultra-modern spaces. Do you have a glass shower door? Have lights installed to give it a sheen. Want to keep the space a little darker with mood lighting? Add recessed lighting in baseboards, under appliances, and floating sink cabinets in any color you can think of! With some research, you can even choose programable, smart lighting that will save you money with efficiency and give you infinite color options.