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How to Choose the Perfect Faucet for Your Bathroom Sink

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The sink faucet is necessary for the function of the bathroom. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate more of your individual style into your bathroom. In fact, these after-thought kinds of pieces help to tie the entire room together. It’s all about that hardware and the final, metallic look that will combine each piece of your room from the lighting to the tile. So, instead of keeping it as the last decision, make the choice for your bathroom faucets part of the beginning stages. Here is just a small selection of the faucets that are out on the market today.

  • The Center-Set: This is the faucet you’ll see the most in magazines, design blogs, and more. It’s made mostly for basin sinks that have one faucet in the center with two handles on each side to control the temperature of the water. While it comes in a wide range of finishes, this faucet is perfect if the style is more timeless or if you would prefer the faucet not to be the center of attention.
  • The Single-Handle: The single-handle faucet is more common in showers, but it has been adapted for the sinks. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of sink space to work with, or you don’t want space to look cluttered.
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  • The Bridge: The bridge faucet is perfect for larger style sinks like a rustic or industrial design. It helps blend an old fashion style with a more modern feel. Usually, these faucets are similar to the center-set having one faucet in the middle. However, the levers are more pronounced as a part of the overall design as the faucet itself.
  • The Contemporary-Style: The contemporary-style faucet will bring together the modern feel of the bathroom. It can be more minimal with a very sleek design that has a black or matte finish. It can also have more interesting shapes like being squared off instead of the traditional round curve.
  • The Traditional-Style: This is your classic faucet. Typically it’s timeless so no matter how you change around the bathroom, the faucet will always look beautiful. The finishes can range from the common sterling-silver to a more unique brushed nickel and more.

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